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Interested in teaching for us?

We are now accepting proposals for virtual professional development trainings.

Hudson Valley Professional Development, LLC is committed to providing quality professional development services to mental health professionals. It is our mission to improve the knowledge base of professionals and the quality of care offered to clients. We think of ourselves as “client-driven educators.”

Through our commitment to quality and community-relevant programming, we aim to empower providers to deliver ethical and integrity-driven treatment to clients. We value the need to prioritize the mental health concerns of marginalized populations and niche areas of specialty, and thereby provide a humanistic approach to the educational advancement of mental health providers.

We are most interested in trainings that are unique and reflective of current psychological and sociocultural needs, treatment issues, and research. As per the NYS Department of Education guidelines, our continuing education trainings must be of graduate-level content, and our presenters must have expertise in the proposed content area.

We are accepting proposals for two, three, or four-hour virtual (Zoom) trainings. Presenters will lead a training through a Zoom meeting in which they lecture, share PowerPoint materials, and see and interact with the participants. In addition to expertise related to the subject matter, trainers must have fast, reliable internet, a working knowledge of Zoom meetings, including screen sharing and other commonly used Zoom features.


Submission Guidelines:

For each proposed workshop/course, please submit the following information via email to

a. exact title of the course/training


b. subject/topic of the course/educational activity


c. names, qualifications, license number, and resume(s) of the presenter(s) for each lecture or subject/topic


d. description of course/educational activity content and length of time of course


e. description of the teaching methods to be used


f. the learning objectives of the course/educational activity


Hudson Valley Professional Development, LLC offers competitive compensation to our professional development trainers, and additionally, professional development instructors may be able to earn CEs for presenting.


Let’s learn together!

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